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Announces premiere of short films by eminent film makers on Hotstar
New Delhi, April 28, 2017One week after the successful launch of the National Geographic MISSION BLUE initiative that aims to spread awareness and inspire change for the cause of water conservation, the brand is all set to unveil impactful content specially created by leading Indian filmmakers.
Imtiaz Ali, Hansal Mehta, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Madhur Bhandarkar join hands with National Geographic to spread this important message through powerful short films. Each film is the film-maker’s personal take on the water crisis. The films are all set to release on Hotstar and National Geographic’s digital platforms today, 28th April, 2017. 
4Swati Mohan, Business Head, India, National Geographic and FOX Networks Group said.
“After introducing a variety of innovative storytelling formats over the past few months – from docu-drama to scripted series, National Geographic has made a foray into scripted short films as part of its MISSION BLUE initiative. We are thrilled to have exceptionally talented filmmakers on-board who have come together to help deliver the message and inspire change.”

Hansal Mehta, Film Director, Writer, Actor & Producer
Hansal Mehta, “As filmmakers we need to have stories that are engaging. When this opportunity (of short film on water conservation) came to me I was keen on doing. My son Jai is making his debut as a director with the movie titled “PaaniPath” and I am very proud of the outcome and the fact that Jai chose to debut with such an important theme. To see that the new generation is sensitive about this issue fills me with hope. I am thankful to National Geographic for giving us this platform to present this important issue to the world. “
Film Name: PaaniPath
Directed by Jai Mehta
Notable actors: Tejaswini Kolhapure, Nagesh Bhonsle
Film synopsis: Water is the very essence of life, it sustains every being on the planet and nearly 76 million people in India don’t have access to clean water. Inspired by true events, ‘PaaniPath’ confronts the disturbing reality of a water crisis through the victims of a flawed and politicized water management system.
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Imtiaz Ali, Film Director & Writer
While Imtiaz, who has written and conceptualized “Paani Panchayat”, said he has a personal connect with this cause as his father has spent his life working on water irrigation projects in rural India.
“I have seen him working in villages and remote rural areas. I was brought up hearing stories of the importance of water in life. The concept of Paani Panchayat is something that happened in my father’s life. I felt this was the best way of reaching out to more people through the esteemed platform of National Geographic.”
Film NamePaani Panchayat
Film synopsis: Set in a remote village of Bitapur, this short film is about how a group of women come together to end the hegemony of the water pump operator. In the contemporary world this simple film emphatically reiterates the fact that one who controls the water controls the world (howsoever small it may be).
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Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Bengali & Hindi Film Director
Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary has made a short film titled “Baiju“. He said, “People love to watch any film which is engaging, entertaining and informative and we hope through this film people will understand the message that we want to convey. I would like thank National Geographic for giving me such an opportunity to tell a story on the current water situation.”
Film NameBaiju Bulli
Film synopsis: A strange disease has rendered Baiju, a 7 year old kid in a remote village, almost bed-ridden. Bulli is the only guy who comes stealthily to give company to Baiju. Bulli informs him – the village is now in the grip of a severe drought, and the only well which is functioning properly is Sarpanch Raghuramji’s, where the poor people are not allowed to draw water. The story shows how Bulli gets the ‘mitha paani’ which is now so rare in the village.
Madhur Bhandarkar, Director & Writer  
Madhur Bhandarkar has mentored Anand Kumar for the short film titled “Ek Balti Paani”. Madhur said, “ I am glad to be associated with a great platform such as National Geographic. I was thrilled to know that National Geographic is getting into the mainstream with such a cause. Be it short or feature film if the story is good it will make an impact. Water is a vital issue and the idea is to connect with people globally on this issue through these films,”
Director Name: Anand Kumar
Film Name: Ek Balti Paani
Notable actors: Manoj Vajpayee, Madhur Bhandarkar
Film synopsis: Set in an upper middle class home & Narrated by Madhur Bhandarkar, the story paints a futuristic scenario where water has become a rare commodity and frugality has attained a new meaning altogether.
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