Inspiration:Exam Results Aren?t Everything! These Incredibly Successful Indians Lost in School but Won in Life

From award-winning actors to visionary entrepreneurs, these inspiring Indians refused to let setbacks and failures dictate their destiny.Right now there are hundreds of thousands of students across India, who have just found out their results for the 12th board exams. For some there will be reason to rejoice, for others it is perhaps a disappointing day. There might even be those who are feeling like complete failures due to the marks they have secured. However, a bad marksheet, or any failure for that matter, does not imply that a person is destined to be a failure for the rest of their lives. History has taught us that there are many who failed at something important and went onto to becoming spectacular successes in their later lives.

One of them isP C Mustafa.

PC Mustafa grew up in an illiterate family in an obscure part of Kerala. With rudimentary access to resources, he ended up failing 6th grade. When faced with a life of working as a labourer in a farm, he decided to give education another shot and dedicate himself. Having put himself through school and college (National Institute of Technology, Calicut), today he runs a ₹62 crore worth brand that sells packaged food, called ID Special Foods Pvt Ltd. After completing his MBA (from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore), he decided to get into business with his cousins who earlier ran a kirana shop in Bengaluru. Today, he is far more successful that he could have possibly imagined as a child who failed in middle school.