“As a husband, I rate myself 10/10”: Shikhar Dhawan

Mumbai, April 19, 2017: Shikhar Dhawan recently opened up about his marriage with Melbourne-based Ayesha Mukherjee in a conversation with cricketer Sandeep Patil, on his show ‘Taste Match’, which airs on Living Foodz and &TV. During the candid conversation, he spoke about how he is a complete charmer when it comes to his wife Ayesha. Shikhar even sang a song for her on the show! 
Talking about his inspiring journey , Shikhar discussed his initial days of struggle and how it took him a long time to get selected in the Indian Cricket Team. He shared some crucial advice for aspiring cricketers and urged them to compete tournaments such as the Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 to grow professionally.
Shikhar was later joined by Rohit Sharma, who revealed a heartwarming story about his proposal to his wife, Ritika. Rohit surprised her by taking her to the first ground that he ever played cricket on and popped the question during the date! The Mumbai Indians captain also took a walk down memory lane with Shikhar and they reminisced about their early days in cricket. 
Speaking about their bond, Rohit said “Shikhar always boosts the team’s morale, when we’re feeling a bit out of luck, Shikhar always lifts our spirit.” He narrated a hilarious incident that took place at a match against Australia. Mitchell Johnson was bowling during the action-packed match. Mitchell, Rohit and Shikhar were caught amidst on-field banter. At this moment, Shikhar decided to break into a Punjabi song, which confused Johnson, who then walked away from the duo! In a jovial moment, Shikhar who hails from Delhi made fun of the quintessential ‘Mumbaiya” slang. Rohit responded by saying that Mumbaikars always take their lingo wherever they travel!
Revealing a fun-fact for cricket enthusiasts, Rohit spoke about how he started eating eggs away from home during his initial coaching days and mentioned that he once chomped up 20 eggs! On that note, Sandeep served delicious Open Egg Canopies for Rohit and Shikhar, which he had prepared personally.
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